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Karl Moll 


B.A., Haverford College

Karl trained for 10 years at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, with summer intensives at Boston, SF, and Miami. After graduation, he accepted a role as Company Dancer with Rochester City Ballet.


Karl attended Haverford College after a year with RCB, intending to pursue a degree in Political Science. However, after taking Arabic and Computer Science during the Arab Spring, he became interested in the intersection of culture, politics, and technology - especially the role that social media plays in political movements. He changed his major to Computer Science with a focus on Network Analysis, and wrote a thesis on community detection in multidimensional social networks. 

Karl has worked at three high growth startups, joining in the early to mid stage of their growth. He considers himself a "Client Facing Technologist," generally involving explaining highly technical concepts to a non-technical audience, or acting as an intermediary between technical teams. He currently works as Ecosystem Integration & Documentation Lead at, a studio innovation lab that spins up new crypto infrastructure companies.  

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