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Caitlin Rogers

Founding Fellow, Mentora Foundation 

Columbia University

Oklahoma City Ballet

Caitlin is a pre-medical student and Neuroscience and behavior major at Columbia University. She is Chilean-American and grew up in Virginia until moving to London at the age of 14 to attend The Royal Ballet School. After dancing and competing internationally, she danced professionally with Oklahoma City Ballet and freelanced.


Now, full-time at Columbia, she works at the Zuckerman Institute of Mind, Brain, andBehavior studying decision-making and emotional regulation. She has worked as a research intern in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Columbia Irving MedicalCenter and at the Primate Cognition Lab at Columbia’s Neuroscience Institute. On campus, she is the Co-President of the “Art Collective,” an innovative and synergistic group of artists, Scientists & Engineers for a Better Society, and the Women in Science& Medicine Clubs.


In May 2022, she became a founding fellow for the Mentora Institute devoted to inner mastery and outer impact in leadership and change-making, where she is currently working on a project to improve the attitudes and behaviors of young male athletes.

Photos by Rachel Neville, Paul, @the.thief.of.time & Vihao Pham, @pointefolio

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