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Brittney Feit

School Psychology Intern

Fordham University Graduate School of Education

B.A., Columbia University

Tulsa Ballet

Brittney Feit was born in New York City, NY and it was there that she trained with Ellison Ballet. During that time, she was enrolled in the Professional Children's School, which allowed her to attend high school with a flexible academic schedule. Upon graduation, she joined Tulsa Ballet, where she went on to perform Principal and Soloist roles.


After retiring from Tulsa Ballet in 2014, Brittney began her undergraduate studies at Columbia University where she majored in Nonfiction Creative Writing and was inducted into the Honor Society. During that time, she was a published dance critic with the Village Voice and became a registered yoga instructor. She also began teaching creative movement and children's yoga to young children and had the pleasure of teaching at Tulsa Ballet's Center for Dance Education and for an at-risk Tulsa elementary school as part of The Harmony Project.

After graduating from Columbia, Brittney worked as both an Editor at a niche publishing house and as a proofreader/consultant for a FinTech. Ultimately though, her interest in the development and education of young children led her to pursue School Psychology as a career. To that end, Brittney currently attends Fordham University's Graduate School of Education and was awarded a grant to train in early intervention and preschool assessment, in addition to the standard K-12 school psychology training.

Photos by Kate Taylor & Rosalie O'Connor

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